Holding Fast in Ebb and Flow

Installation of twelve pigment prints by Ilze Arajs

as part of photography group exhibit

Multiple Exposures

curated by Jane Fulton Alt and Lelde Kalmite

May 17—June 14, 2013

Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago


Artist Statement

On the wild Oregon coast, the lowest tide of the summer is the time to be inspired by Laminaria (known also as kelp). Knee deep in the turbulent surf, I bring my camera lens within inches of the rising and falling water. My eyes follow the slippery long blades as they fluidly recompose in the oscillating water within the ebb and flow of the mighty ocean tide. Laminaria attaches itself with a “holdfast” to the sandy ocean bottom.  Following suit, I plant my own feet to establish stability and breathe in time with the incoming waves. Spirit now aligns with the sinuous, often translucent, blades as they billow into fleeting light-filled spaces, then sink and collapse into the draining sand, ready to emerge dancing among the incoming waves and flood of high tide.

To view this series of archival pigment prints, please see the portfolio “Kelp” (Laminaria Series) at www.IlzeArajs.com.